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Thread: Survey (pre election) in Support of Shooting Sports

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    Survey (pre election) in Support of Shooting Sports

    For the past decade a single document has been the mainstay of the defence of shooting. Now, with a general election looming, it is ten years out of date. That is why the major shooting, landowning and farming organisations have come together to support a new survey to show the economic, environmental and social benefits of shooting sports. And your help is vital.

    The previous independent report (2006), by Public and Corporate Economic Consultants (PACEC), came up with some stunning facts – shooting was worth 1.6 billion pounds to the UK economy and we spent 250 million pounds a year on conservation. Now we urgently need to update these statistics - and we can, with your help.

    The NRA , working with 17 shooting and countryside organisations has commissioned PACEC to undertake a new and comprehensive survey to find out exactly what shooting, the gun trade and firearms collecting in the UK are worth today. The new study includes target shooting and deer stalking in addition to sporting shooting. We want to know, for example: how much our different shooting sports are worth to the economy, how much they enrich our countryside, how important are the jobs they create and the social activities generated. What would be lost if shooting sports were to be stopped?

    The survey will provide vital facts to put before politicians and others in power, but PACEC can only provide us with the information if you, in turn, can give them the information they need. This is a massive task - we need the results quickly and we need them to be accurate.

    As a target shooter any information you can give the survey on your involvement with shooting would be invaluable.

    Please complete at least the quick section of the survey, which should take only a few minutes. It would be immensely helpful if you would then complete the full, more detailed survey if you possibly can. This will ask you for detailed information on shooting activities and expenditure, and might take up to an hour, but it is so important that such commitment is a small price for each of us if it can really help make shooting safe for the future. Please also ensure that you send us your response by the end of March.

    The survey can be found here:

    If you have any questions, problems, or would prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey, please reply to this message or contact Richard Blackmore at the NRA or PACEC on 01223 31164901223 311649

    lifted shamelessly from an email circulated by a fellow shooter. thought it could do with some attention..

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    quite sacry when you actually add up how much we spend each year.

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    I deliberately avoid totting the figures up properly. Now these swine have forced me to do it. So if Mrs PM asks, I won't be able to confidently state an estimate that's far too low without a red face.

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    Done and realised I really must get out and do more

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    Done. I have been kidding myself about how much I've spent!

    At least they are all disposable assets in case The Boss sees inside the cabinet one day and I need some quick "Look, I've bought you diamonds" money
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    Done, in private!!!!!!

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