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Thread: Shotgun & rifle safe

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    Shotgun & rifle safe


    Just testing the water. Have a Shotgun safe and a Rifle safe for sale.

    Before I put them on fleabay is there anyone interested?

    I also have some gunslips etc on said site under username of shellsmith2002



    (and yes John he does know )

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    Michelle, i might just no the man for it , my mate is putting in for his FAC , i will see phil today for more details, cheers arron.

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    What sizes are the gun safes please ?
    Thanks Mick

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    The rifle has held 4 top & tailed with scopes the gun for 3, just needs a bit more padding.

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    Still have the Rifle cabinet....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weather Witch View Post
    Still have the Rifle cabinet....
    how much for the rifle safe I think I need another one

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