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Thread: Little Acorn and Bushnell Cameras UK suppliers

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    Little Acorn and Bushnell Cameras UK suppliers

    I'm looking at getting either a Lt Acorn or Bushnell trail camera in the next month. I've been searching the net for UK suppliers but fleebay and amazon only seem to have suppliers based in China. Even when I filter my search to UK based suppliers when I check their contact details they all appear in China.

    Who are the best suppliers in the UK for price?


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    I think Sportsman Gun Centre bought all the Bushnell kit when the UK distributor went pop...

    Bushnell x 8 Digital Trail Camera | eBay - at SGC Exeter
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    got my lil acorn from amazon, turned up fine but took a few days

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    Uttings did have 2012 model year Bushnell (437c and 476c among others) at good prices recently.

    I use Bushnell cameras for their fast trigger and excellent sensing and all cameras after 2012 have the .6 second trigger. After that there isn't much to choose between the various recent model years. In my view the Little Arcorns are catching up but aren't quite there yet in terms of what I require.
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    Have you considered a Spypoint BF10-HD

    For uninterpolated image quality and reliability they are considerably better than most on the market.

    Buy Spypoint BF-10HD Wildlife Camera - shop at suppliers Scott Country




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    I have the spypoint and really like it, so much I bought the 3G live, though I am having issues with it at the moment. It was bought in October and has had limited use, so maybe requiring the warranty to come in to play. I must say though, Thomas Jacks who I believe import these have been very good in trying to identify the issue.

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    Aldi were doing a clone of the Ltl Acorn 5210, think they were about £80, I bought a couple and I've been really happy with them.

    Aldi also have a good return and warranty, they only pop up every now and then though so you might have to wait a few months till the next special.

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    I am using some swann cameras which i got from maplins at £79.00

    Swann OutbackCam | Maplin

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Country View Post
    Have you considered a Spypoint BF10-HD
    Yes, in fact I picked one up off you guys last year for a friend based in Ireland. he really likes it but I can't stretch to £200+ so I've had to rule them out.

    Looking for a Lt Acorn or Bushnell for around the £100-£140.

    @Thetownie - What is the Swan like? I've not heard of it but there is a Maplins near me so I might check it out.

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    I got my camera's of this outfit

    they were very helpful and gave me lots of advice, I also hear they are excellent to deal with if you have any warranty problems too.

    I think the acorns are superb, the hd ones give crystal clear images in daylight and are totally covert at night.

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