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    Lab bitch Pup

    Looking for a bitch lab pup, not after any of the whippet/greyhound cross things you see, I want a chunky head and tail and a thick set body..
    Not fussed too much about colour, but ideally not fox red or chocolate (so I guess we are a bit fussed but hey..) The right dog is what matters, not its colour.
    The dog would be a pet first and foremost with a bit of working too depending on how it develops, certainly an active life as our dogs come to work with us and spend every waking hour with us give or take.

    we are based near Newmarket, but would travel for the right puppy. Doesn't have to be ready any time immediately, pending litters or heads up on what might be about soon would be a start.

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    I know of two recent litters in my area ( Buckinghamshire ) - no connection to breeders :

    Litter 1 - Due 12th Mar Brindlebay & Birdsgreen - Tel 01494 681794 / 07771521263

    Litter 2 - Born Dec 13` - Working lines but unknown details - Tel 01296 630156

    Not sure on costs etc...

    All the best.


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    Thanks for that and also thanks for the numerous folk who emailed me, I will follow up some of the leads.
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    I had a litter of lab pups last night, dam & sire have 74 ftchs in there combined 5 year pedigree, hips scores 5-5, and 6-4, .

    Pups pedigree has 35ftchs in , 2 international ftchs, and 2 retriever championship winners.

    Both parents are fully trained working dogs and can be seen. I have only 2 left from litter of 8 .


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    There is pups up here in scotland.
    I know of a nice litter of 10 up here
    pm if you want more info

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