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Thread: Boar tusks

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    Boar tusks

    My old stalking buddy is off in April for a fortnight at piggies with a selection of various taboot .my question is how does one extract the tusks of said boar without busting them so he can bring them safely home .
    Many thanks

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    Last time I was in Germany I witnessed some tusks been removed. The lower jaw was removed from the skull and boiled until the tusks could be worked out of the jaw. The upper jaw was cut off across the bridge of the nose further back than where the tusks are located using a simple wood saw. This is not as simple as it seems as I believe only 1/3rd of the tusk are visible so you need to make sure you don't cut through the tuck when cutting across the nose. You need to go quite far back, depending on likely size of the tusks Once the nose has been cut and removed then it is also boiler. I'm not sure if this is the standard method of removing the tusks but it worked fine.

    Like boiling heads down, the smell can be pretty bad. The chap dealing with the tusks threw some packets of soup in with the jaws which lessens the smell which I thought was a good idea.

    Once the tusks had been removed from the jaws they suggested that some clear wood filler is used to fill the inside of the tucks. This apparently helps protect them but again I'n not sure if this is usual.

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    After they have been cleaned and dryed you must fill them with resin or there is a chance of them splitting.

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    I think you can fill them with wax to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark g View Post
    I think you can fill them with wax to.
    have done that with ones given to me, and also the warthog tusks taken from those shot in S.A. just in case. I was told to just use melted candle wax by someone who has taken many pigs in his time. deerwarden

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    In Poland, I was told to just melt and candle into them also.

    hope he gets a good one Doug!


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    Quote Originally Posted by shotguntom View Post
    In Poland, I was told to just melt and candle into them also.

    hope he gets a good one Doug!

    He should do a mate of ours is on a ranch in Florida it is heaving with deer ,pigs ,coyotes,crocs and other small vermin and it's also game shooting so partridge and pheasant days too
    cheers doug

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    Skin off the head, and saw off like in this photo.

    Please remember generally speaking the tusks are one third above gum line and 2 thirds below. So when you saw off the bottom jaw, make sure you cut way further back than what you may expect, this is so you don't risk sawing off the bottom of the tusks.

    If you then boil the whole lot, when the soft tissue is cooked in effect the tusks will just slide out.

    Like others have also said you need to fill the tusks with resin, wax or even wood glue to stop them splitting.

    The end result

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    Like the plaque, sets of the teeth nicely. deerwarden

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