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Thread: remmy 6mm BR

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    remmy 6mm BR

    I have for sale the following left handed Remington actioned 6mm Br rifle and accessories....

    Left handed Remington action and re-worked remmy trigger ( action originally my .22-250 that
    Had fired no more than 200-250 shots)


    Original HS precision biscuit colour stock.
    multi flute 1-12" krigher? Medium weight Barrel think its 23" threaded 15x1mm spigoted, chamber for 80grain.
    20 moa warne rail. Jet-z sound moderator.

    Equipment ect.......

    100 x new boxed lapua brass
    100 x new primed lapua brass in new ammo boxes
    50 x lapua brass primed that was once fired in my old br ( will need re-sizing!)
    100 x lapua brass most of which loaded with 70 grain noslers but was once fired in my old br so a little tight in chamber but do fire ok!
    1 tub of N130 powder.
    550 ish primers.
    850 ish 80 grain flat base Bergers.
    1/2 box 70 grain noslers.
    1 x modified br case.
    3 piece redding competition die set.
    Wilson bench rest die set and harbour press.

    NOW includes brand new left handed top safety jewell trigger (not Fitted)

    I'm after 2150 ono for everything. Scope, rings, bi-pod and cheek piece not included!

    new price 1800 ono want it gone

    thanks bullet
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    Hi Bullet,

    If you decide to split could i have the 100 x new boxed Lapua brass. Thanks.


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    No problem Ian but at the moment I would prefer to sell the lot in one go! We will see how it goes.

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    I think bullet is underselling this to be honest.
    This rifle has shot a handful of rounds and they grouped very very tight, a real impressive group with ammo loaded for his old BR.

    With the accessories he is throwing in for the price I think it's an absolute bargain.

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    If you split could I please have
    Wilson arbour press and dies
    Primers and powder
    All brass excluding the boxed new stuff that Ian has first dibs on!

    6mmbr is a phenomenally accurate round and superb roe / vermin & target caliber.....anyone who knows br's will be ripping your arm off!!!
    Grampian Guns (RFD)
    Independant Moderator / Supressor Suppliers
    ..........for those who like a quiet life !
    Our mission.......Customer satisfaction......plain and simple.

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    Hi Remmy, thats no problem if I end up splitting it!

    only reason its for sale is I got fed up of waiting for the barreling job and bought myself a blaser lrs2 in another cal. but your correct, the Br is a very good acurate and pleasing cal to shoot!

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    Now also includes an as new dps2 with speed upgrade.

    Before re I get asked, no offence but no I don't want to split any of the kit at the moment!

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    I also have a brand new jewell that could be negotiated in the deal!

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