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Thread: Tikka T3 Dangerous Trigger

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    Tikka T3 Dangerous Trigger

    Hi. I recently took my T3 into a gunsmith for a 'service' and he phoned me within hours very irrate. He claimed that my trigger was extreamly dangerous.
    I altered my trigger to be on the light side as I found it more acurate at this setting.
    Tikka advertise that it is an adjustable trigger so I saw no problem in this.
    The gunsmith told me that it was a wonder that no-one had been killed as it could have gone off at any time. I was really surprised at this and shocked hence the reason for this post.
    I have been shooting with the trigger set lightly for 18 months and everything has been working fine.
    I just want to warn anyone else who has done this trigger alteration as this news worried me especially as the rifle is laid loaded in my 4x4 when lamping foxes. (Obviously safety on etc)
    He has now set it back to a heavier setting that does not suit me but I will have to get use to it.
    Why do Tikka claim it to be adjustable if it can be dangerous??

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    I suppose this depends on exactly how light you had it. Did he measure the actual lbs pull on it?


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    Hi Alex
    No he simply said it too light. He said he has put it back to about 3lbs (Does that sound right)

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    3lbs doesn't sound that light, I think Tikka say the trigger can go down to 2- 2 1/2lb and still be safe. As CSL said depends what he means by to light in lb terms.

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    I did not ask what lb the trigger was set to by myself. Can a trigger be set too light?
    Surely if the safety was on and only taken off at the last moment before taking the shot, the trigger setting should not really matter (Within reason of course).
    Does the trigger setting interfere with safety issues when the safety is on?

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    i was once shown a rifle in a gunsmiths that had come in for some minor work, not on the trigger by the way, the owner had told the shop not to adjust the trigger as he liked it as light as it was, the only problem was that if you worked the bolt fast the rifle would fire as the bolt closed. to me this is dodgy what if you needed a quick follow up shot? as to your rifle if you work the bolt hard and fast, and do the bump test and it doesn't fire i don't see a problem

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    I have never had any problems at all. I have not actually deliberately bumped it but done loads of follow up shots and being in the 4x4 it has been lightly bumped and knocked when picking it up to take shots etc.
    I dont know what to do now as I was shooting fine with it set light and crap when set tight.
    I know it is more a matter of mind over matter but I will be thinking about it everytime I take a shot now!!

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    how about calling the gunsmith explaining your thoughts and asking him to set the trigger as light as he considers safe, then try it and see how you get on. Don't forget you are the paying customer here.

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    Dont know what to do now.
    Just spoken to another gunsmith who tells me that if it has been working fine for 18 months and never miss fired then it should be safe enough.
    He told me to cock the bolt in the rifle and bang the butt sharply (Not mad) onto the ground and see if the bolt fires. If not then should be safe. All sounds a bit Heath Robinson to me.
    Any advice not already mentioned very welcome.
    Thanks to those already offered advice
    XX N

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    Tika T3

    First of all no one should ever rely on the safety catch on a any firearm. It should never point at anything with a round in the chambre. A more comprehensive safety check is as follows:

    Check rifle is free of ammunition.

    First of all opperate the bolt hard 5 or 6 times and check that action stays cocked and doesn't slam fire.

    Cock rifle
    Apply safety
    Squeeze trigger
    remove safety
    bump butt sharply on the ground to simulate falling over with the rifle.
    at no point should the rifle fire

    If he has had kittens just on the weight of the trigger he would **** him self if I took my rem 700 in to him it is set at 1.5lbs and is safe. my Tikka is set at a fair bit more.

    If you set back to the setting you were at before and the action fails any of the above checks the smith was right to be concearned but all is not lost. I beleive a set trigger is available for the T3.


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