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Thread: tasco titan

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    tasco titan

    I would like your opinion on scope been offered a tasco titan 3-12x52, 30mm tube.fellow member would like 250 for it. It will be going on tikka .243 for general stalking/foxing.

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    very good glass if its the older one

    would have to see a good few pictures to tell if its the older one.

    IMO: i would be happy to pay 200 but unless its mint i would not pay any more than that.

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    He tells me it is mint and is jap made and is over ten years old. Anything i can look for yo define its age

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    Older Titans were the pick of the Tasco range, good glass and track well.


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    I've got 3 of these, awesome, best budget scope you will buy.

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    I'll echo all the above. I had one on my 308 for nearly 15 years and couldm't fault it. I only let it go because I got seduced by German glass.
    250 does sound a bit OTT though. 200 would be better
    IIRC I got 140 for mine, but it did have signs of use.
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    The original Titans had adjustement dials identical to the S&B's and the original Titans also had a single "Mildot" on the bottom vertical bar of te reticle below the "Cross". Later ones did not and were offered with the German N04 type reticle and the turrect were a lot lower and more rounded in profile. The occular housing is also quite a bit shorter on the second version.

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    Ok just looked at pics it seems to have quite low, domed turretts and a no mil dot just a 4a style cross. So in thinking its the later not the original.

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    Quote Originally Posted by russ.223 View Post
    Ok just looked at pics it seems to have quite low, domed turretts and a no mil dot just a 4a style cross. So in thinking its the later not the original.
    I had a an original 3-12x52 - bought in 1992 .

    This had a standard duplex ret ( No mildot ) and very low domed adjustment caps. The adjustment dials were similar to S&B and the bikkini covers are very Ziess like.

    They were a great scope in their day , with probably the best glass in its price bracket - I used mine on a 223 for a few seasons and knocked over plenty of fox.

    250 is probably about right if the scope is in mint condition with box and papers.


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    As just stated, Tasco, now owned by Bushnell, has introduced a new scope with the name "Titan", which is not the quality of the one made prior to the Tasco bankruptcy.

    In the 1990s, Tasco produced some very nice 30mm tube scopes, the Euro line and the Titan line. I was stunned, the first time I looked through a Euro 4x40.
    The Titans retail pricing was all over $600 US. The 3-12x52mm was probably over $700, a lot of money then, too much to overcome the Tasco image. The glass was made in Japan, in the Hakku factory that makes glass for the top Nikon cameras and binoculars.

    When Tasco Titans were being dumped, I bought a 1.25 - 4x30, German #1, FFP. It is great. Only the top German glass would surpass it. Mine is on a .375 H&H. I wish I had bought a 3-9x42mm Titan.

    There are several things to ask:

    I the reticle in the first focal plane or second? Titans were built both ways.

    Which reticle is it? I have seen Titans with 30-30 duplex, German #1, and German #4.

    How much readjustment of the occular focus is required as you zoom up and down? Is that an issue for you?

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