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Thread: Meet up in Cheshire

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    Meet up in Cheshire

    Anybody fancy getting a group together in the Cheshire area for a meet??

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    Sikadog did make a mention to me a few weeks back, we are both in Chester, & I have some mates who stalk etc in the Wirral.

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    I live in North Wales but would be happy to travel to a meet in the Wirral or Cheshire, as long as it was somewhere West of Manchester.

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    I have let Sikadog know this thread has started up, but as he is still quiet on the subject we can still find out how many & where? depending on where the apparent centre of interest is, we can decide on any suitable meeting point/s, as I previously mentioned I am in Chester, as is Sikadog & I know there are others on here within short distance of me. Steve.

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    I suppose I should add that as the county town is Chester & is positioned right on the western edge of the county, it would be unfair to have others come all the way over from say Alderly Edge for example, so perhaps we should call it a West Cheshire meet up

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    Anyone in North east Wales thinking of getting a group up yet? if you are on your tod over there you are welcome over here if we get it to fly!

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    Morning Maxwell I have Just Found this you can count me in but I think it needs to go on the general forum.

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    I'd be up for meeting up.

    I'm in North Cheshire/ South Manchester.

    Alderley Edge would be perfect. I'm sure there must be a decent boozer or restaraunt there, rather than those pretentious places on the high street!


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    i would be up for a meeting

    i am based in n/wales not far to chester wirral


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    Quote Originally Posted by pendle View Post
    i would be up for a meeting

    i am based in n/wales not far to chester wirral

    Hi - date, time & location alreday sorted on previous thread:

    7.30, Friday 19th March, Stretton Fox pub.

    Stick it in your diary!!

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