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Thread: Dsc1update and help needed

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    Dsc1update and help needed

    Time is ticking along and the revision for my Easter exam is going well. Using the home learning support is working for me. I was extremely lucky to go stalking last weekend with a friend who really wanted me to have shot my first deer prior to Easter. Buccleuch in Scotland was our destination and although the weather was not good the scenery was amazing. We saw three Roe but sadly none of them presented the opportunity for a shot. Once again I learnt so much about the science that is 'stalking ' that I can't wait until the day comes when using those skills results in my first successful stalk.
    It was definitely a case of ' All the gear and no DEER! But still came home smiling.
    The part of my revision I am finding difficult is memorising all the different dates for in/ out if season/ rut/antlers etc etc. Does anyone have a table they would be happy to share? I do have one table but it doesn't work for me.
    Having the support if SD to do my Dsc1 has brought me into the world of stalking and once again I would like to say how very grateful I am.

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    Look at the home page on this site, all the seasons are there.
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    Or BASC website: Deer Stalking | BASC

    England and Wales
    Northern Ireland
    Aug 1 – Apr 30
    Jul 1 – Oct 20
    Aug 1 – Apr 30
    Nov 1 – Mar 31
    Oct 21 – Feb 15
    Nov 1 - March 31
    Aug 1 – Apr 30
    Aug 1 – Apr 30
    Aug 1 – Apr 30
    Nov 1 – Mar 31
    Oct 21 – Feb 15
    Nov 1 - March 31
    Aug 1 – Apr 30
    Jul 1 – Oct 20
    Aug 1 – Apr 30
    Nov 1 – Mar 31
    Oct 21 – Feb 15
    Nov 1 - March 31
    Apr 1 – Oct 31
    Apr 1 – Oct 20
    Nov 1 – Mar 31
    Oct 21 – Mar 31
    Red/sika hybrids
    Aug 1 – Apr 30
    Jul 1 – Oct 20
    Aug 1 – Apr 30
    Nov 1 – Mar 31
    Oct 21 – Feb 15
    Nov 1 - March 31
    Chinese water deer
    (only found in England)
    Nov 1 – Mar 31
    Nov 1 – Mar 31
    Muntjac **
    (only found in England and Wales)
    All year round
    ** There is no statutory close season for this species. It is recommended that when culling female muntjac, immature or heavily pregnant does are selected to avoid leaving dependent young.

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    It is an area that many have a bit of a struggle with.

    My preference is to think in pictures and a chart - as you mention - is a good way to incorporate all the elements you mention. One of the best - for me - is effectively a calender view with months across the top and a series of lines/ blocks for the elements I'm trying to learn. G Kenneth Whitehead did something similar in his book - Practical Deer Stalking ( still a good read ).

    I have done a few for use by clients, but the one certainty is we are all a bit different and experience has shown it is better to float the idea and let the individual derive something that works for them.

    If on first draft it seems overwhelming, keep in mind you have the question bank to guide you as to what will be asked - that can help edit down the data required.

    Also, dont forget the place you are taking the DSC1 with. If it incorporates a revision session they may well have it covered and regardless should be best placed to help your study; I'd get in touch with them in the first instance.

    Good luck - do let us know how you get on.
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    Someone on here sent me this via a PM but I can't remember who so can't take credit but this was a way I remembered for England and it still sticks

    All the big boys - Red, Fallow, Sika - Alcoholics Anonymous - AA (as in August to April)
    All the girls - Red, Fallow, Sika, Roe - No More (drink) - NM (as in November to March)
    Roe bucks are April Fools - 1st April til the girls kick in
    Chinks are like girls (I made this up but it works for me, lol)
    Munties no season

    Hope it helps,

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    I think there's very few (maybe only 1 question) on deer seasons if i remember rightly, so don't stress! (check that though before you don't revise them).

    Then in practical terms, you just make sure you know what you can shoot the morning you go out.

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    Filledeferme I did my DSC1 fairly recently and put together a colour coordinated table together which really helped me, if you pm me an email address Ill email it to you if you like.

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    This is how I remembered it on my recent DSC1


    March 31st - all seasons change

    Roe Buck is an April Fool (April 1st) - All girls are out

    All girls in November 1st

    Big lads in A -> A (August to April)

    Scotland - girls go out after Valentine's Day (February 15th)

    This doesn't cover all scenarios but does cover all of the questions in the bank IIRC.


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    Thanks. I have the info it is more help in remembering it!!

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    Exactly what I was looking for. Works for me. TA very much.

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