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Thread: Swift Scirocco bullets

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    Swift Scirocco bullets

    Anyone have any experience with them? I was thinking of getting some to try out, just one of those itches that needs to be scratched sort of thing.

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    expensive itch!

    I had some in .270 (140gr I believe)

    appear very well made and shot reasonably well
    did what they were supposed to in the limited examples I have

    not convinced they perform twice to three times as well as other bullets that their price would indicate though
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    Used them extensively in 150gr in .30-06 and .308, mainly on boar but a reasonable number of deer with excellent results. Expensive but very good. Can be a little fussy over seating depth in my experience.

    Looking to work up a nice accurate load for them in .243 in 90gr for roe and muntie having failed to get Speer Deep Curls to group to my liking.

    Give them a try, you may like them. What calibre?

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    A friend uses them in his .300wm and absolutely loves them.

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    Cheers guys, if they are worth a try then I will see about getting some, it's purely down to curiosity. Not sure if I would try them in .308 or 6.5.

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    I used some 165grn worked OK in a 300wsm not too much damage but at 308 velocities they were too hard, shooting Fallow size animals no expansion at all (shot twice) on a neck shot big Fallow buck, very little on chest even with 300wsm. They are designed for large game ie Africa.

    I've never used the 150's I guess they are designed for more deer sized animals. I used the Swift "A" frames in my .375 fantastic bullet but had to sell my house to afford them

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    Thanks for that Wayne, quite possibly not what I'll be wanting to use then. The old SSTs do the job well enough. Cheers for the input.

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    No problem but as I guess the 150's would be fine looks like Penyard has good results with them my experience was with the 165's

    all the best


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