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Thread: .308, .270 or 7x64?

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    .308, .270 or 7x64?

    I have a Sauer 202 in .243. I am a huge .243 fan, though even I must admit that there are times when something slightly heavier is required. Not for the local Sika who have yet to refuse a 100 grain .243 round! It would be nice to have something heavier for travelling abroad or if the wild boar that are being seen and shot all over Ireland start to spread. There were six boar shot in West Wicklow last year. Seems to be a concerted effort to introduce them with deliberate releases into the wild.

    So my question is a second barrel for the Sauer or possibly a Sauer 101 in .308, .270 or 7x64? I fancy the 7x64 but ammo supply in Ireland could be difficult. Any advice greatfully received!

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    My personal favourite out of the three mentioned is the 7x64, and if you fancy using it abroad you will have no problem finding ammunition. However if you don't reload and ammo is hard to find in Ireland then the .270 is also a good round and you will have no problem finding ammo for it.

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    Unfortunately reloading is not allowed in the Republic, a vestige of more turbulent times.

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    I'd go with .308 or .270 due to ease of obtaining ammo and of those two if it's mainly for boar then I'd choose .308 (although .308 is great for any of the deer species as well, with minimal carcass damage).

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    whichever one is easiest to get ammo for... That <1 mm difference in diameter won't be noticed by whatever you shoot.... and you can find factory stuff to handle anything you'd be shooting at. Look at 30.06 as an option also if that ammo is easier to get...

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    Hi GoI,

    like Cumbrian, I have a 7x64 and think it is a great round and it performs well. For me it has the edge over .270 because of the wide range of 7mm bullets in both factory and roll your own varieties (You can get expanding in up to 177 gr form = Piggie medicine)

    For that reason, I would rule .308 out as it seems to me it is difficult to get a 180gr bullet loaded onto .308W without reducing case capacity in an already limited case...

    So, bearing that in mind: Why not go for the .30-06? Most common hunting round on the planet I would guess (If a gun shop sells hunting ammo, it almost certainly sells .30-'06)

    Bullets range from 110-220gr, pushed with enough authority...

    If I was buying my hunting rifle again, I'd go .30-06 on the ammo availability...

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    +1 for the 30-06 for all the reasons stated above!


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    Federal sell .308 with a 180 grain Nosler bullet. It is a superb round, utterly suitable for boar or any large deer. .308 might be limited in capacity for a very long-range application: I do not load my own, so have no experience of this. But for any but the longest-range stalking applications .308 is a great all-rounder, and the Federal 180 grain Nosler is a VERY good round at the heaviest end of the spectrum, IMHO.

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    Might be as well to get the trajectory differences out of the way, lol. All these calibres will shoot a very similar trajectory over normal stalking distances. I'm guessing that boar will not be taken at extended ranges?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen of Imaal View Post
    Unfortunately reloading is not allowed in the Republic, a vestige of more turbulent times.

    Doesn't seem to stop anybody though?

    If you are happy with the 243, the 30/06 makes a good pairing and is an excellent travelling cartridge, ammo for sale nearly everywhere anyone hunts.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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