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Thread: Speer have dropped the normal SP's from production

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    Speer have dropped the normal SP's from production

    Have just learned that the nice Speer 120 Gr .257" bullet #1411 that I have just started using has been dropped from production as is Jan 1st 2010 better pick up that other box of them I saw on the shelf at the Gunshop

    The normal SP's have been replaced with a new "DeepCurl" bullet Doh!

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    I found that they fragment a bit much for my liking in my 6.5 anyway. I'd bite the bullet and change now rather than buy another box!

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    Hmmm I never noticed a problem with the Speer 120's in my 6.5x55. I will swop over to Hornady's instead I think but what is most annoying about this is that I have only just worked up a nice load for this Speer 0.257" 120 grain bullet.

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    I can imagine it must be pretty frustrating if you've put a lot of time into the load! I don't really have a lot to compare the Speers to apart from the Barnes TSX that I use now. They don't break up at all. It depends what bad damage looks like in your view too, after all if the bullet didn't do any damage it wouldn't stop the Deer!

    They're not bad bullets, I just decided when I was developing my loads that maybe I should try other bullets too.

    If it's of any help to you when I put together the same load but with the 130grn Barnes it shot very well and I didn't have to change anything apart from the OAL. Barnes like to be seated well off the lands and require a slightly lower powder charge. As I'd kept the Speer loading mild and they were 140grn I just switched straight over.

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    Well I don't have an awful lot of time in the load as such. I tried two different charge weights and and three seating depths and called it good. I have never tried Barnes bullets and to be honest have never really seen the need for them. Have never had a problem with normal cup and core bullets except that once with a Sierra 180 grn .308 bullet.

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