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    Nosler Ammunition

    I've read in the shooting press lately that Highland Outdoors have secured the "exclusive" distribution of Nosler Ammunition, bullet heads and brass; Has anyone seen or heard if it has arrived in the Uk yet?

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    Just had some Nosler "Bullets" from Norman Clarke.
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    I was at Highlands warehouse this week. At the present moment the shipment has not arrived in the uk. The situation is this, when nosler reach 30-40 % of the total order for Highlands they are shipping. This insures that they do not have product sat on pallets in their dispatch areas and that the wholesalers have at least some product continuously. John Bright the CEO of Highland outdoors has placed very large orders for Nosler products so shooters should find themselves better served than from the previous distributor. We have orders placed for over 25K of Nosler product so we cant wait. Yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    Thanks for the information

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