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Thread: Top end scopes with illuminated reticles or dots

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    Top end scopes with illuminated reticles or dots

    I was pondering last night whilst sitting in the highseat waiting for something to emerge in the failing light, thinking that should a munty emerge I could identify it with the new Swaros, see it through the Meopta 7x50 but probably not shoot it as I could not see the crosshairs clearly against it's body!!

    Do many of you more experienced stalkers have any illumination within your scope in the form of reticle or a single dot in the center? If so does it actually get you more deer at last light for the money? And do they cost a packet?

    I'm not sure if I'd need a variable scope as my shooting is most likely to always be below 150 yards, well in my comfort zone, so is there an affordable sub £1000 7x50mm Swaro, Zeiss, S&B with a dot for example?


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    I have an illum scope for just that reason... If it gives me an extra 5 mins to get a safe shot off, I'm happy.

    Schmidt and Bender 7 x 50 LM L3 Illuminated ret, 30MM tube German | eBay could be the one for you...?
    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
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    Zeiss Diatal 7X50 T* works for me!


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    Zeiss Duralyt Illuminated 3-12x50, a true straight to the point cracking stalkers scope

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    Thanks farty but I should have added it's gonna take a bit of time to save and 2nd hand is the route I would go. I didn't realise until I did a search that Meopta do illuminated dots so that could be the way to go as I like both mine for the money! Anyone got one they use? Happy?
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    I have had illuminated and non illuminated scopes, to be honest I don't miss the illuminated reticle if it's not there and seldom use it when it is. My favourite scope and my most frequently used scopes are non illuminated.

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    Meopta 3-12x50 red dot. Worked perfectly well on my foxing rifle, only changed as,there was a nightforce lying around! and now i'm hoping to put it on my next rifle (deer or fox). very good glass for a very good price.

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    I have a Meopta ZD 3-12x50 with illuminated dot within Mil Dot reticule Stratts and absolutely love it. The only thing I'd change are the target turrets. However, given the scope is pristine and cost £400 SH (£790 RRP new), I'm certainly not going to complain and only once in a good number of outings have I found one of the turrets moved.

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    I only ever use 1 rifle now and have a nightforce nxs on it. Even with the illumination turned right down I never use it, guests sometimes do though. I find that the darkness is never as black as the crosshairs so I can still pick them out.

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    It depends on the actual reticle thickness.
    High end 1st Focal plane scopes are generally easy to discern the reticle at last light, but at higher magnification "appear" to cover more of the target. So if you are a tiny whiny group closet anorak, as opposed to a pragmatic accurate shot placement stalker, you may prefer the 2nd Focal Plane reticle.

    This 2nd FP reticle is where illumination is sometimes a big advantage. Take the Z6's for instance their reticle is frankly so fine they can sometimes be lost against a dark background. The Zeiss FL's tend to have a slightly thicker/darker reticle which although again in the 2FP and relatively fine is easier to discern.

    Bset bet is simply to try some and see what you like.

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