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Thread: .308 in France

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    .308 in France

    I know that the 30-06 Spr is now legal in France, for hunting, but is the .308 Winchester?

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    Yes, the whole military calibre thing for hunting purposes ended last September.

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    Merci beau coup.

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    Oh dear! This EU nonsense though is still extant. Too much watching "Bottes en Cuir et Melon Chapeau" on France 4 I think. This fear of hordes of British gents invading Calais with .410 shot guns disguised as walking sticks and the (real) fear of Eastern Europeans with mobile 'phone .22RF pistols.

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    I use my Ruger Scout 308 in France all the time with no issues ....

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    Hi Mate,
    I did get a work around for this problem a few years ago and its worth a go if you have any grief from the french, I don't have the paperwork in front of me so am digging deep into my elderly failing memory, but the gist is.
    Many Police /Customs don't really know what the euro laws are and have stated to me that military calibre's aren't allowed.....they are. The detail that you need to chase is within the Vienna Convention, this is a Euro wide agreement for any shooter who owns a firearm licence. If you are not staying in another country for not longer than 3 months ( I think) the host nation will honour the calibre's conditions etc as prescribed on your own FAC plus euro licence. If you stay longer, then you need to import and you are then subject to the host nation laws.
    That is it in a nutshell so best of luck.

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    The .308w and .30-06 have never been banned in France DK.260 they were however until fairly recently not permitted for hunting. Don't forget that there are two totally different licensing systems one for hunting ( permis de chasser) and one for target shooting (permis de tir).
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Yes. What 8x57 says. Exactly right.

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    Just the same I think if I'm ever able to hunt the south of France I'm gonna carry a Mannlicher Schoenauer 61MCA carbine in 270 WIN . That way if they happen to have a sudden relapse it isn't a problem to me !

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