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Thread: RCBS chargemaster vs Lyman Gen 5 powder system

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    RCBS chargemaster vs Lyman Gen 5 powder system

    hi folks

    I know a few guys who have the RCBS chargemaster & love it

    but for a good 100 less I see you can get the lyman gen 5 powder system or even cheaper the Gen6

    so anyone use the lyman products are they consistent / reliable? also whats difference with Gen6 & Gen 5


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    I can't fault the chargemaster, no experience with the lyman though......sorry.

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    Ive got a Lyman gen3, its good but I don't think its as good as the RCBS. The charge thrown is usually .2gr lighter than the weighed charge, not a major problem as I just tap the powder tube to top it up, but it does slow me down a tad.
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    Why not try a beam scale and Targetmaster trickler and save even more

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    What he said above

    That being said I sold my Target Master as I got an excellent deal on a Hornady LnL auto dispenser last trip to the US, cost me about 112 ($175), throws consistently to .1gr accuracy.

    Saddler on here has two of the Lyman Gen.6 left at (I believe) 240 + carriage.
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    I already have a target master & redding scales which I would sell

    Its good but I dont see reloading as another joyous hobby.....
    I'm watching others just throw powder in, check odd load it throws then push button fill brass repeat
    Over 100 cheaper the lyman versions .....just wondering why rcbs is dearer & popular?

    IF the lyman can do what it says on the tin


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    I've just imported one from Natchezss in the US & bought a UK power supply, it's only the power supply units that are different, cost me 290 in total

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    My 5-year-old Chargemaster has just given up on me. The unit will no longer switch on.

    I went down the route of contacting RCBS, and they have offered to replace the unit at $200, but only by using a friend in the US as a postbox. This obviously carries the risk of import duty, VAT etc.

    The fault is possibly a simple one, so the unit is now with an electronic scales repair outfit for assessment.

    I really miss the Chargemaster. I held on to my scales, powder measure etc so am not completely out of the game.

    I think, if I end up replacing the electronic system I will go for the Smartreloader unit here: Powder Measuring : SmartReloader, Shooters Supply | Reloading Press Equipment and Shooting Supplies

    and hopefully avoid any transatlantic difficulties in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    I already have a target master & redding scales which I would sell

    Have you done a search on the number of posts about electronic powder dispensers going belly-up? Maybe you should hang onto the scale for when your Chinese-made electronic unit kicks the bucket! (Because it will eventually) ~Muir

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    The fault in my Chargemaster turned out to be relatively simple and involved a replacement power socket and a single component on the board.

    Cost 50 for diagnosis, repair, calibration, postage and VAT.

    I spent a few hours checking charge weights yesterday and it is bang on. No overthrows at all and a maximum underthrow of .2 gn (3 instances out of 100 charges).

    Well chuffed!
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