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Thread: roe sacks

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    roe sacks

    sold out of these ,but managed to get a few more .good quality roe sacks measure 24x21in removable liner ,quality fittings ,leather straps.40 POSTED ,bargainAttachments

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    pm me with your email for pics

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    Are they canvas Derek?

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    they are with a nylon liner ,steel fittings leather straps.

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    im after a new roe sack, can you provide a few pics pls. cheers

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    pm me your email for piccys

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    pm sent, thanks

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    Derek what is the material they are made from please?

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    heavy canvas,removable nylon liner ,leather straps good metal fittinfs 24x21 in 3 pockets

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    Just got mine in the post, many thanks Derek.

    It looks really good design and quality and less than half the cost of similar in the shops.

    Top notch!


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