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Thread: Natures little hints to go home

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    Natures little hints to go home

    Lamping as usual last night, very, very pleasant in the last bit of sun, & then things started to change quickly, first sign, the bino's focus wheel stiffened up as the grease took on the temperature change, Mike's temp gauge on the motor slid rapidly from -3 to -13, thats when the rifles started to grow hoarfrost in all the crevices, only three rabbits ventured out in 4 hours! Mike slotted the heaviest Dog fox I have ever picked up, & he was stiff as I got back to the motor, a quick visit to the pub for a gargle as we entered, we noticed they had a simplex oil heater in every one of the nooks where they set tables, on the drive home we saw thermoclines with fog bands in different layers just ending at about the top of a double deck bus, as we passed over a road crossing on a small stream the temp read -17 for about a mile.

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    You spend too much time at home sat at that computer as it is..

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    Mrs Finnbear thinks I've got another woman in "That chat room"!, anyways, with a bit of luck I might have got a bit of collar for a few weeks, so I could let the mouse cool off!

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    I bet theres a lot of wives wish they had as much attention as the SD site..

    Still,, they dont seem so vocal when the soaps are on..

    Sandra,Little Jo and pippa excluded from schauvenistic comments of course

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    Terry, your heart is in the right place

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    Lol well said Terry Fran often glares towards the computer mutters some derogatory comment about spending more time on those bloody sites... yadda yadda

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