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Thread: Thumns up to Humberside police

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    Thumns up to Humberside police

    Cant get much better service from them, lightning fast turn round for my variation even see they have added ALQ without asking.
    A top department mile ahead of my previous force

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    What rifle you ended up getting Bob ?

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    I too have just had a good result from Humberside Police; having been asked on a few occasions to deal with some urban foxes, I spoke to Humberside FLO, BASC and Humberside Police wildlife crimes officer. I had to write a quite comprehensive risk assessment, and method statement (which took me 'a while') but once they read it, they agreed I seemed to know what I was doing.
    Sent my licence in for some changes, and it came back on Friday, after 18 days - not bad, considering that I actually posted it on a Bank Holiday!
    They opened my .243, (.22 was already open) gave me ALQ for both rifles, as well as 'the shooting of vermin or, in the course of carrying on activities in the connection with the management of any estate, other wildlife, as well as the humane killing of animals.

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