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Thread: Atec CMM4 mod sections stuck

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    Question Atec CMM4 mod sections stuck

    Hi guys

    Just after a bit of advice on how to free up two sections on my mod that are stuck.

    Tried soaking in WD40, warming it up, and had it in a vice swinging on it.

    Not that long since I had it apart cleaning it but this baby seems fast !!

    Any ideas on how to get them apart ?


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    Two big leather strap wrenches and heat/cold, if that fails you have run out of non-damaging options.


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    +1 with Neil. Last time it took a vice, some sandpaper and a 12" stilson and my bodyweight......
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    Have no experience. Moderators are illegal here. But would a tool to release/change oilfilters on cars be a possibility? Dammage??

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    I had this, I got a can of air from work. If you turn it upside down and spray it you get a thick mist like spray thT will freeze anything, we use it at work to shatter padlocks and to fit bearings. Anyway I froze one half and heated another as good as I could then I used some pipe grips with rubber inner tube to unscrew it. Hope this helps

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    Once you've got it apart, put copper grease on the threads. I put it on every time I have mine apart (which is infrequently) and mine's not been stuck yet.
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    I have recently, last month, bought an A-Tec CMM4 and there is a label stuck on it by Jacksons the importer stating "unauthorised dismantling may invalidate the warranty".
    This indicates to me that dismantling is not recommended and when I think of all the the rounds I put through my T8 Reflex moderator over several years with out being able to dismantle it for cleaning with no detriment whatsoever, I think they, the manufacturer, may have a point.

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    the CMM4 is designed to be able to unscrew and add/remove/change baffles, so should be no problem with warranty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    the CMM4 is designed to be able to unscrew and add/remove/change baffles, so should be no problem with warranty.
    The label is still stuck to my new A-Tec CMM4 the exact wording is as follows.
    " Please do not take this moderator apart. Unauthorised disassembly may void warranty" Jackson Rifles.
    So there you are, so disregarding that, you can do what you like with it.
    As I have just disposed of my barrel with the 14 x 1 thread I don't suppose I'll need to take it apart for cleaning.
    Anybody in the market for a new mod that has had 32 .308 rounds through it ?
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    Stick it on a 270 and put a few rounds through it, that will rattle it apart. It did with mine until I used copper grease on the threads, now it stays together and splits when I want.

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