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Thread: Charcoal stick hand warmers

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    Charcoal stick hand warmers

    Anyone here use the charcoal stick type handwarmers? I'm just sorting through a few boxes and came across a couple of boxes of the sticks, they must be years old, if they are of any use to anyone please let me know and I'll pop them in the post.


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    Moved onto the peacock type a few years back my old dad had a charcoal one for fishing I remember blowing on the sticks to get em started

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    and also got old sticks and warmer love the smell ,but new type are far better.

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    i similarly found some sticks
    can't find the bloody handwarmer though!

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    I could not get on with the charcoal hand warmer and having spent a morning in a high seat in the snow when it kept going out I threw it away and bought a couple of the lighter fluid fuelled ones and they work a treat, one in each hand warmer pocket and they keep your chest warm and are toasty when you put your hands in.


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    Hi tuck1, if the charcoal sticks are still available I will have them. Let me know what you want for postage. Thanks

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    Now spoken for gents, owdnortherner has pm'd me earlier thanks for looking fellas

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    Gosh thats a blast from the past. Somewhere I have both sticks and handwarmers unused. From what I recall they didn't like been in the depths of the side pockets of my Barbour Northumbria wax jacket. Just got starved of air.


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