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Thread: Holt's auction

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    Holt's auction

    I wonder how long they take to inform on the bids. Bidding on a beretta 686 game gun, My sporter is heavy to carry all day
    Left he rifle as I might want a Finnbear, Speaking to the ex owner on Saturday at best practice guide if it goes ahead. I have not heard from DCS but phoned and lass said I am on her list,


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    im wondering too as i bid on a tikka 243 and on the sale it sold for what i bid but they have not emailled was wondering if someone bid the same before me would win it the sale was only today guess ill find out one way or another

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    Did not get mine, 300-500 I put on 355 but it sold for 460. too much. 92 buyers prem +vat plus RF fees and carrage puts it close to 650 I can see one for700 instead of a photo.
    Swatty check again. In the search it now lets you check lots. (Items I am bidding on) best of luck, Jim

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