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Thread: 500-lb Euro boar in North Carolina swamp, USA

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    500-lb Euro boar in North Carolina swamp, USA

    Hunter bags 500-pound wild boar in Bertie, NC

    Hunter bags 500-pound wild boar you have to see to believe - Yahoo News

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    Seems to be. I have seen some in the 350 to 450 range, the largest dead one being 450 lbs, arrowed twice.

    I wonder where this one came from, as this is on the coast, in a large drainage basin to a natural harbor. The source of the European boars is in the mountains, almost 500 miles away, where there were several stocking in fenced areas of 600 acres or more each, from 1891 to 1912. Most of these were from Bavaria.

    This same area in North Carolina yielded, about 15 years ago, a black bear over 600 lbs, which had been killing cattle and domestic swine.

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    "the meat filled two coolers"...

    What size are the bloody coolers?!

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    In that part of North Carolina, with such good sport fishing nearby out of Elizabeth City, a lot of people have Gott coolers of 80, 100, and 120 quart size for large fish like yellow fin tuna, striped bass, king mackeral and wahoo.

    I cannot think this big bog would be good to eat., but that depends on his diet. And it looks like he may have been hitting some local corn and soybean fields.

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    Bloody hell, I would have loved to have seen that on the hoof (from a safe location).

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    What a Beastie!

    I was lucky enough to spend a little time in North Carolina (chasing another lassie before I got married!) - beautiful place and great people from what I saw. I visited Grandfather Mountain for the Highland Games and having a Scottish accent was treated like royalty.

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    That neck of the NC mountains is where the first German wild boar were stocked, behind large fenced in hunting estates for the Vanderbilts and other railroad barons.

    I love hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting all around Highlands, Brevard, Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, and down into South Carolina to the waterfalls, the cliffs of Glassy Mountain, Ceasar's Head. It is easy to see why the Scots and Germans who came for the free land grants wanted to hang onto that. It is rugged country to hunt, but with big boar, bear, and deer, and lots of trout in the rivers and lakes.

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    Would not like to think I would come across that on a nice evening stroll through the woods. Brother in law lives in Charleston and was hoping to do a bit of hunting when I pop over this year, be great to drop on one half size

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    He will have to come up about 100 miles, to just below Columbia, where the mountain hogs have migrated down the rivers from the mountains, in order to find a truly wild boar. Also, in the Savannah River basin, the same is true, before the lakes built cut them off. There are huge ones in the 340 square mile block of federal land along the river below Augusta, where there is almost no hunting open to the public, just a few controlled hunts. You will have about a 90% chance of bagging one in one day.

    I was driving through a back road there at dusk in December 2011 and saw something ahead in the woods, the gleam of an eye, so I turned off my lights and crept closer, then cut off the engine and eased out and waited. First came about a 300 lb boar to the road's edge and waited. About 30 seconds later, out came one half again as big, his shoulders as high as my waist. I watched the cross about 20 yards from me in the twilight, a real rush. I have shot them that close in big open timber as they scampered by without seeing me until it was too late.

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