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    My trusty old leather sling is about to finally pass on.

    So before it gives up the ghost and lead to me dropping a rifle, what should I replace it with I see more and more people using synthetic are they better than leather?

    Don't need anything to fancy but want it to last.

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    You may laugh, but the last slings I have bought have been leather, with covered buckles, made in England or Germany, and canvas and leather from England. But I live in the USA and bought them here, so I have no idea where to direct you.

    A nice modern sling I bought was directly from Beretta on a sale they emailed to me.
    Search Results | United States English

    Beretta Elastic Sling | United States English

    The one I bought, cotton and leather, very quiet and light weight, rolls up and fits in a pocket.
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    Get a custom made leather one from Dougster on this site.

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    Absolutely, Dougster is highly recommended Daf and will make to your exact needs without costing the earth. He's making a new sling for me as we speak and I already enjoy one of his knives, two scabbards and a belt.

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    Cheers Tim but a very generous man on the forum PMed me and is giving me his now not used Cobra leather sling.

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    Result, what a kind chap. I hope all's well

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