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Thread: size of fetous in roe

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    size of fetous in roe

    Due to high winds and game shoots I still need to take an odd doe or two, Trying to avoid shooting pregnant does heavily pregnant I shot a small doe liked like a follower slightly smaller and with darker coat yesterday could not believe it when I gralloched her and she had a small fetous maybe 30 mm long way smaller than I would expect of a normal fetous at this time of year.
    The larger doe in the group looked distinctly fat and very pregnant as well as loosing her winter coat.
    Is this a product of October(false Rut) never seen it before but always been lucky to get my cull nos by end of feb other years.
    any others found this?

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    Shot two a week apart in almost the same location, one had two full sized foetus, the other had tiny little things.

    The younger deer had the smaller foetus

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    As said there seems to be a big difference in mature does but they are getting a fair bit of size to them when I gralloched one last week.
    We are hoping to take a couple more followers's but thats it with us on adult does.

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    I shot a quite small Fallow Doe fawn the other day which was carrying a small Foetus which is pretty unusual. It was about half the size of what we've been finding in the mature Does.

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    Remember that Roe have a delayed implantation of the fertilised egg. With the rut being in July the fertilised egg remains floating about before implanting itself in the womb during December and starts to develop. If the doe is out of condition, there is very hard weather or the doe is small it will delay implanting till a bit later on. If you recall the hard winters a few years back, we didn't see Roe fawns until quite a bit later than normal. I suspect given the mild winter we will be seeing fawns quite a bit earlier.

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    Shot a roe doe with 4 that were 4" head to back, not so happy about that but have to take them to meet the cull

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul at Fechan View Post
    Shot a roe doe with 4 that were 4" head to back, not so happy about that but have to take them to meet the cull
    I know the feeling only too well .
    Heym SR20
    I understand your comment but its been mild winter here and older does had fetous twice the size 3 weeks ago

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