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Thread: Re IWA Nurnberg 7-8-9-10 March

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    Re IWA Nurnberg 7-8-9-10 March

    Got back from pigeon & Muntjac hunt in UK on Saturday and was able to visit the show on Sunday with my pal who has a gun shop in Germany.
    B**ger me if I did not win a Nigelohe rifle sling from the Verband Deutsche Büchsenmachers lottery,
    I was relly trying for the big safari trip but what the heck.
    Rigby and Border barrels were very open and friendly not like Zeiss or Blaser (who own Rigby now) who were very stuck up as they are every year.
    I saw nothing really new to get excited about, not even one pigeon magnet was anywhere on display.

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    Lucky you, being able to go that is. I read a German report last year saying that the show was not very end consumer friendly ie. you were looking at rifles from a distance without being able to handle anything. Was that your experience as well.
    Shocked to hear that Blaser now own Rigby as well. Today Blaser, Mauser, Sauer, ... now (sadly) Rigby...tomorrow the world. That only leaves Heym and Merkel as well know Germans not owned by the Ortmeiers?

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    L&O - who own Blaser, Mauser, Rigby & Sauer - have just invested a wad of cash in a joint venture between MINOX and Optronika, to be called German Sporting Optics...

    Expect a lot of it going into R&D and some cracking optics to hit the market sometime later this year:
    MINOX - Visible Innovation: Win a Two Week Tour of Zambia Photo Contest: Heat 01[tt_news]=950&tx_ttnews[backPid]=4585&cHash=a5da15334a
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    Quote Originally Posted by 375win View Post
    The show was not very end consumer friendly
    That's true, but there's a simple, non-controversial, explanation: It's a trade show.

    Quote Originally Posted by 375win View Post
    you were looking at rifles from a distance without being able to handle anything.
    Not at all. In fact you can handle everything, even some of the amazing custom creations from Ferlach -though you do have to ask very nicely! Not unreasonable given that the price tag is the size of an average mortgage! I got to handle some unique miniature guns from Merkel too - each valued at more than €20K.

    Blaser and Zeiss are very helpful, too, but to get the best out of their stands you do have to book a slot, as they are always very busy.

    As for Rigby, remember that Rigby's magazine rifles were always Mausers, stocked and finished in London - and now they are again, except that the actions are a more consistent quaility, whilst the stocking and finish seem to be at least as good on a "standard" grade gun. Big Game cartridges (.375 H&H, .416 Rigby, and .450 Rigby) are on offer now, but I understand that a stalking rifle is planned for 2016 (.275 Rigby inter alia), as are some new doubles.
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    I did do the show with a pal for a couple of years as his translator & general dogsbody and the atmosphere is always very similar.
    Nice stuff sometimes especially the stock blanks on offer from many Turkish dealers but then some daft stuff like the double barrel 1911 pistol but hey it is only 45 miles from my home so I cannot miss it.
    I should do a B&B as a sideline next year after I retire as the wife is a super cook speaks perfect English too and we have all the UK tv channels into the house as well as the German ones (cthen I ould do a shuttle bus to the show).

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