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    Deer and Snow

    Hi all,

    New to deer stalking and having not shot one yet I need to pick your brains regarding deer behaviour when it snows. I have just been given the opportunity to shoot on a small bit of land which comprises of flat large fields with lines of thick hedges and trees as boundaries. There is no wood on the land but plenty of tracks where the deer are travelling from one field to the next. Am I correct in saying that after heavy snow the deer will make for the nearest safe thicker cover and hide out, and will not be seen in the snow covered fields? Your advise may save me freezing my n*ts off tomorrow morning in a high seat waiting for the last train that never comes!!

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    If the Deer feed somewhere different to where they lie up they will still wander anong the edges and maybe nibble at the hedge if there's anything tasty in there. I have to say though on my permissions where there is woodland they're not out in the open like they usually are. They're coming up into the gardens from the woods to nibble at the plants but it's pretty much a walk in and walk out affair, they're not hanging around.

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    Hi though I am far from any great authority on the behaviour of deer, I have witnessed that red deer will given the opportunity in very hard weather feed in the fields that have good grass under the snow, provided they can get to it they seem to take advantage of the daylight hours if left undisturbed by human activity, the night being a lot colder and grass harder to get the places I am referring to having woodland nearby and the deer come out early afternoon maybe taking advantage of sunlight if any, just some of my observations but you never know with deer they do just what they like !!!!!!that's for sure

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    That makes sense, I guess after a couple of days of laying up if the snow still remains then they are a lot more desperate for a feed and will try and seek out the most nutritious nibbles whilst the temperature is higher. Or they might just make for the woods!! I think the thing to do is look everywhere for them!

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    I was watching 2 roe digging 6 inches through snow to some turnips the other day.


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    Just been looking at another post (-14 and lovin it) some very good photos of deer searching for available food in pretty harsh conditions just goes to show they need to feed and in conditions as they are, must spend more time lookin!!!

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    They must be hungry up here , it has been -3 to -13, & the snow is hard as rock with new on top, in all approx 16/18" .. It was scene from the pied piper feeding the sheep...

    1st sheep, then pheasant & duck , with gradually deer following , for the nutts ...walking up the tyre tracks.

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    You haven't said what sort of deer they are which can make a big diifference! I'm guessing they are Roe?
    They can all behave quite differently than normal in the snow. Deer don't like eating frosted vegetation for obvious reasons. You may be better off staying in bed and going out later on once the temperature has possibly risen and the foliage has thawed out. I've seen loads out feeding in the middle of the day over the last few days. It's almost like they go into 'reverse cycle' and feed when they would normally rest and vice versa. Or you could just stay out all day from first light to cover every eventuality!
    Good luck whichever you choose!

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