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Thread: Pilot for new hunting show NZ

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    Pilot for new hunting show NZ

    The music is not really to my taste, and the makers have had a few comments on that already. What do you guys think of the overall format ?

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    That was worth watching, and I'll look forward to the next episode.

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    I enjoyed that and will look forward to more. fantastic place and i need to get back,thanks wayne
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    Jesus I had to have a drag on my inhaler just looking at that.

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    Absolutly fantastic ! One day i will be there .

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    I really enjoyed that!!! I thought the photography was good, the music was in keeping with the programme - thumbs up for the pilot, make more please!
    Looks a great place to hunt - would love to try it one day.
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    Very much enjoyed it. Some fresh and funky camera angles too

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    i thought it was very good, breath taking scenery

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