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Thread: Deer Stalking Fair - NV Demo Tunnel Equipment

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    Deer Stalking Fair - NV Demo Tunnel Equipment

    Hello all,

    As you know we are running a night vision demo tunnel at the forthcoming Deerstalking Fair in Kelso.

    We will be situated in a marquee between the two halls allowing you to walk between the two buildings, and make use of the tunnel if required.

    We will have a range of thermal demo equipment there for people to try as well as using our night vision demo units in our bespoke low lux NV tunnel including

    Pulsar Quantum HD38S Thermal
    Pulsar Quantum HD19S Thermal
    Guide IR518E Series Thermal
    Flir Scout PS24 and PS 32 Thermal
    Pulsar Forward DFA75
    Starlight Arrow
    Starlight Archer Gen 3
    Starlight Longbow Gen 2 Commercial
    Pulsar Digisight N750A
    Yukon Photon 5x42
    Pulsar Recon 750/750R

    Is there anything else anyone would like to see in action as happy to bring along other units if required?

    We will be running some special show deals on thermal and nv kit also.

    Best Regards

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    nitesite spotter if you got one

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    Looking forward to try some of these out

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    We have some cracking special offers too and a couple of new products.

    We also "may" be able to have some spare Starlight Arrow stock for sale at the event once we have fulfilled back orders.

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    Yukon Ranger please.

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    The Photon should definitely be on the list.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    it would be good to see a IR comparision. for example two of the same night vision units one with a laser ir and the other with an NM800 IR.


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    Hi Andy

    Great idea.

    How about this.

    We set up three Photon's.

    One with Fox Fire T20 V

    One with Nightmaster NM800IR

    One with Pulsar X850IR

    One with Nightmaster NM400IR

    Limited in terms of range with tunnel however, but would certainaly show clarity differences.

    We could also put on a Laserluchs, however it is WAY overkill and wouldnt really work at the tunnel range.



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    that looks good,

    i can't take much credit for that i stole the idea from when i work in Currys.


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    All the same its a good idea and one we will be running with at the show.



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