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Thread: The Difference Between A Good Thermal Imager & A Great Thermal Imager

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    The Difference Between A Good Thermal Imager & A Great Thermal Imager

    Bit of a small test video we made to show the difference between a good thermal like the Guide 518, and the range topping TiCam 750.

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    Great , Whats the price difference ?

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    The ticam 750 really shows a big difference . Whats the range and price on it

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    No prices , guess I cant afford ;(

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    We are told they start from £25,000 and upwards. But you have to remember you are talking about mil spec technology here that is top of it's game. TiCam 750 really is awesome in our view.

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    Nice but jeez ya can buy a house round here for that money

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    Aside from giving us another reason to regret we're not all as rich as Croesus, the comparison might prompt the question: "what do we really need a thermal spotter to show us, and at what range: Presence? Species? Gender/Age?, or a nice picture for Facebook?". The more of the foregoing we tick, the steeper the price, of course.

    It's a different matter when it comes to riflescopes, it's true, but it's worth bearing in mind that even a basic thermal spotting device backed up by good daylight optics or conventional NV on the gun boosts the probability of spotting quarry sooner, and indeed of spotting it at all, by an impressive margin.

    A TiCam 750 is now on my lottery list all the same.
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    Can someone please tell me if there is a thermal system or indeed a NV system that is as versatile as a good old lightforce lamp??

    I can leave it on the back seat without worrying about half my kids inheritance getting nicked
    I can plug it into the cigarette lighter socket with no need to worry about battery life, chargers, spares etc.
    i can use it single-handedly whilst driving along at 30mph
    I can survey hundred of acres in a sort space of time
    I can clip it into the top of my scope
    I can transfer it quickly into the Polaris or onto the quad bike or even on foot
    It's relatively cheap!

    It seems that whilst all of this new technology is wowing us with bigger, bolder and brighter claims- with correspondingly bigger price tags- none of it provides the shooter with what he or she actually needs.

    I have a pulsar n750 for what it's worth, and whilst I enjoy the novelty of it, I can honestly say, in the year I have had it, there is only one fox I have shot with it that I perhaps wouldn't have got with the lamp. I've also not-shot at five different foxes at around 180-250y due to clarity issues/fiddling around that would have been worm-food with a traditional set-up.

    Hats off to the Scott Country guys for such a great marketing job but I would urge those of you with £3k burning a hole in your pocket to think carefully about how best to spend it.
    I certainly wish I could get my money back on my Pulsar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johno100 View Post
    No prices , guess I cant afford ;(
    At a only 27 K (perhaps a little lower if you shop around I
    think I should be within the grasp of most of us,don't you
    think Johno !
    Think of it as an opinel knife...Buy two in case you loose one !

    Costly foxes | Sporting Rifle magazine

    Rgds, Buck.

    PS, To rich for me I'm afraid.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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