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Thread: Where to buy mil surp for swiss K31

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    Thumbs up Where to buy mil surp for swiss K31

    I live between derby/ Nottingham near ex 25 M1 and want to buy some ammo for this gun K31, (7.5x55) does anyone know if its being sold in or around this area.
    thank you inadvance

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    AmmoZone are the only people who sell GP11 which is the Swiss milsurp, and their stock is up and down like a fiddlers elbow , the GP11 is Berdan primed and hence is awkward to reload although not impossible, PPU do a very good Boxer primed copy which is about 100 FPS slower at the muzzle but otherwise shoots very well to 1000 yrds and is very reloadable, Kranks may well stock the PPU as do quite a few RFD's
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