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Thread: Apparently I shouldn't be allowed unsupervised in a gunshop ;0

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    Apparently I shouldn't be allowed unsupervised in a gunshop ;0

    I only went to look for a secondhand rifle........
    Came home with a shiny new rifle (CZ sihouette 16"), sak moderator, big gunsafe (infac 8 gun) and accidentally bought a 2nd hand Berretta 12g o/u and a slab of cartridges. The beretta looks like it needs some thorough cleaning but is a lovely little gun, perfect instead of a sxs for rough/game shooting. Told my girlfriend it'll be perfect for her, which made her smile, and she didn't mind me putting it all on the company credit card as it can go down as a business/farm expense.


    The folks at Ladd's Gunshop in Crediton were patient and full of advice and I'd heartily recommend them.

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    thats it now youve got the bug , atb doug,

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    Must admit I prefere to take the wife with me when I visit the gun shop, she's the one who will say "no I don't like that, what else have they got?" That something else is usually newer and much more expensive, to which she usually replies "go on then, you know you'll be happier with that one, may as well get the one you really want." Bonus

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    Wingy, yes, mine is much like that too. It's only because I know she'd approve that I bought the beretta, knowing she'd like it and that it's most likely to become her gun in the longer term. She sees nothing wrong with me getting several in due course. She is sharing my shooting hobby though things she's most likely to stick to clays and targets rather than live quarry. She's becoming a great shot with the air rifle and looking forward to moving up the calibres now we have 'proper' guns.

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