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Thread: Muzzle Loaders

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    Muzzle Loaders

    In my more idle moments I have been toying with the idea of buying a muzzle loading shotgun for a bit of a fun and to use over my GWP as something a bit different.

    I was thinking along the lines of a reproduction gun to start with, perhaps a Pedersoli or similar rather than start off with a potentially dubious relic.

    Any thoughts / advice or pointers on good resources on starting from any members who burn a bit of black powder would be greatly appreciated

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    MLs are good fun , only ever had pistols , click wait....wait...boooom , cough , splutter , reload

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    If not sure try some experienced users of these things as a mistake can, with a doulbe gun, mean a lost hand. There are ways to do it and ways NOT to do it.

    Thngs like hold ramrod between thumb and forefinger and never with palm of the hand over the top. Make sure that there are no embers in the barrel when you ram the wad down. Don't reload by pouring direct from the flask into a barrel and etc.

    But the modern guns don't really handle or balance well compared to the old guns. That is sure. In fact modern repro shot guns have the balance of a weaver's beam I fear.

    A good halfway house is a hammer gun with blackpowder cartridges. And those that use the Jones underlever system are usually cheaper than those that use the conventional top lever.

    Plus ready loaded blackpowder cartridges don't require an explosives licence. For with muzzleloaders blackpowder is best and Triple 7 or Pyrodex a very, very poor substitue in its charactersistics.
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