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Thread: Wanted - really cheap .22

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    Wanted - really cheap .22

    As above, I am looking for a really cheap .22lr (c.50?) ideally an old Brno bolt action. Condition is not important as long as long as it vaugely works. I am in Norfolk. Cheers, JC

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    check out holt auctions web site they had a sale today there was many 22 s if you have a look or give them a ring there was plenty of unsold lot and a few 22 in among them

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    Thanks Swatty, I tried to have a look at the Holts website but the catalogue for todays sale runs to 76 pages and doesn't seem to be in any order or seachable, maybe I'll give them a call on Monday and see if they can give me a list of the unsold lots. JC

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    Too late now but it was. searched bolt action rifles. That redued it to 14. Then discounted the first 3 pages unless you wanted to buy a lee enfield 303.
    There is a list of the sale up now. Just scroll down to unsold items.

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    Here is holts list
    remember you will have courier fees and any charge for RGD to recieve it,
    rifles from 3400 lot number,

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