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Thread: Re Roe stalking Kent

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    Re Roe stalking Kent

    I am just wondering where the nearest roe stalking location from Dover is.
    Anyone got an answer.

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    Try sikamalc one of the good guys look in stalking opportunities

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    Yes I konow about him but I am just curious about their migration not in actually buying a stalk as I am based in Germany.

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    Roe are in West Kent. I have often seen Roe near the jct of the M25 at Sevenoaks. However I doubt that they have reached anywhere east of Canterbury. Despite what people claim, I have yet to see proof of Roe east of Canterbury, or indeed near Ashford. The trouble with Kent and in particular east Kent is the amount of major roads that act as a major deterent for deer to migrate.

    I would also add that any self respecting deer that sticks its head up in some areas is considered fair game and shot, irrespective of seasons!!
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    East / West sussex and Surrey

    plenty to see

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