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Thread: Strangest place you have brought a gun?

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    Strangest place you have brought a gun?

    Following on from jamross65's post about buying his latest rifle at Dobbies, I was wondering what other strange and unusual places people have brought guns.

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    ...a Remmy stainless action bedded in a McMillan stock, fitted with a Jewell trigger and a brand new a-tec mod.
    I met him at Dobbies in Newcastle the other night and he hands me a bag containing, a box of A-max 155 grn, a box of 110grn Speer HP, a box of 165grn Sierra Gameking HP, a box of 110grn A-Max...
    My only unusual one was at about 9pm one November in a motorway service station.
    After I had met up with the seller (the father-in-law of a friend), we both drove over to a quiet part of the car park under a street light to do the deal. It is quiet difficult trying to discreetly but properly examine a gun in the boot of a car. Then satisfied that the gun was all as described, we sorted the paperwork, I passed him a roll of notes and left with a long black box.

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    I brought mine with me last time I went to Scotland...

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    45 acp Colt Gold Cup National Match from a RFD at Leicester forest east services on the M1!


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    i bring mine every time im shooting,

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    Sold an AYA No.2 in the car park outside Ikea at Lakeside. The good old days!

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    going up to work on lewis in the 80si missed a train connection in Glasgow due to a train breakdown got into queen st station hours late and everywhere was shut no chance of a b&b with the dog with me lol , i had to 'sleep'(yeah right) on the station with two bags one with the barrels and the other with the stock and forend in got a train out at about 6.30am i was knackered
    a barony original

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    I bought my .22 Colt Woodsman from a French speaking gunsmith in Geneva. He was wearing a kaftan and he sent his assistant out for ice lollies for everybody...

    Not one I would expect... I also got chatting to a couple of saudi girls at Geneva airport when collecting my long black box after flying back... Did not anticipate that one...

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