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Thread: Zeiss 7x50 jena binoculars.

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    Zeiss 7x50 jena binoculars.

    What would you expect a pair of these too cost? Got offer of pair but dnt want get bad deal or not give him what there worth. I know there older bino's but would they still be okay?
    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    150 ish, perhaps a bit more depending on condition.

    There are a couple of sets on Ebay at present if you want to compare condition.

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    I have a set of 7x50 Zeiss Jena that are forty years old. They have good clear optics and good low light performance but not up to my Swaro 7x42 porro prisms in low light. I used mine for stalking for several years and they served me well.
    They do not seem to sell well and that is probably due to their weight and 'old fashioned' appearance. I keep mine in the truck as a spare pair.
    I think that 60 would be a fair price and good value for money. The price may seem a little stingy but they just do not seem to sell.

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    i have the 8x30.s cost 36 quid and the 10x50 cost 59 quid both off the bay stonking clarity for the money.the 7x50 are rarer and seem to do around the 80 pound mark.i check for em once a week cos i want some so id say 80 is a fair price

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    bought some 8x30 in Chichester 15 , bloke had loads of old good Binos, next to Chichester armoury if anyone interested.

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