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Thread: Think i'm sickening for summat!

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    Think i'm sickening for summat! Wonder if Cheshire will go for it for driven Boar?

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    My mate was here last week with his 45-70 Marlin he has the stainless steel laminated 24" barreled model with a S@B 1-4 flash dot on top.



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    This has had me scratching at an itch for a while now. Especially since they do it in .308

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    This is my boy working out his 45-70 Marlin Cowboy. Not as flashy as the stainless models but lots of barrel and sight radius. Very accurate!~Muir

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    What's on the hip Muir?

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    What's on the hip Muir?
    That's the Kid's Model 28 Smith and Wesson .357 magnum. It's a 6" built on the .44 magnum "N" frame.

    He's very good with it. These four rabbits took 4 shots at distances of 20 to 40 yards off hand. ~Muir

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    Indeed! St Nicholas left that S&W in his stocking when he was 18 years old. I think the Kid is up to around 30-odd rifles and handguns now at age 23. Around here we call that "Well heeled!" ~Muir

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    Back on topic though...

    Should you get that 45-70 Marlin, there is are two excellent bullet molds available for home casting. One is the Lyman 457-122 which casts a 325 grain hollowpoint and the other is the RCBS 457-300GC. I am certain that, in the absence of common sense, these bullets would be illegal for hunting in the UK, but they are inexpensive to make and deadly accurate on paper. I have shot deer with both of these bullets. The Lyman bullet, referred to in the old days as the "Gould" bullet, took a doe at 70 yards as she was running up an opposing slope from where I was standing. The bullet hit her between the shoulder blades and slammed her into the hillside like The Hand of God. The RCBS bullet also took a fat mule deer doe but broadside at 100 yards. She just folded like a lawn chair and was dead and bled when I got to her.

    The advantage of these bullets in the lever guns, over other designs, is that they will feed very reliably whilst leaving plenty of room for gun powder. This is a consideration with lever guns that single shot shooters and bolt action shooters (to a lesser degree) can ignore. My main 45-70 is a custom built on a Siamese Mauser (Model 1898) with a 25" barrel. It will handle the heaviest loads easily and is not fussy about bullet weight. I have loaded a 560 grain bullet in it and had it feed through the magazine without a hitch.

    The 45- 2 1/10" (as the 45-70 was once known) is a marvelous cartridge. I hope you get one for your pig shoot and I hope you don't mind the rambling I've done.~Muir

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    I'm an avid listener, when the subjects are linked to shooting sports, 8)

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