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Thread: my claim to fame!!

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    my claim to fame!!

    hello all,
    incase people were interested the latest copy of 'shooting times' has a write up regarding medal heads and im pleased to see i have had a mention in the main write up and also my gold medal muntjac in the photo gallery is also listed.
    it does have all species with measurements of the graded medal heads over the last year, i can see wayne davies boar is in there, was just interested to know if anyone else has a medal head listed in there??



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    Blimey Duggers! Well done you mate. What was the measurements for your muntjac?

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    well well duggers
    no wonder you were to busy to meet up , to busy polishing that medal
    nice one

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    thanks guys,
    the measurements were 61.1 cic points.
    anyone who does send a trophy for medal classification, always go the few extra quid and get a proper cic medal rather than a uk medal as the cic is far superior!!
    i reckon beowulf mate, yours definately is worthy of a medal class of some sort.
    if i get the chance i will scan the page and post it for all to see what size trophies have been recorded.


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    Cheers Duggers, that will be great! Anything to get you posting again. We have more posts by Lord Lucan and Glen Miller than you!

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    Well done mate.
    Am i still worthy of talking to you buddy

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    hi steyr, of course mate but please refer to me as 'sir' from now on...
    nah, just kidding.....good to hear from you mate, and watch this space beowulf buddy as duggers is back in town!!!

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    I am at your service sir. Would sir like breakfast in the orangery this morning

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    Ahhh Duggers you are back !!! Well done on the Munty. Mr B will be looking for a bigger one now

    He wants a gong to polish as well, only it will be more of a medallion to hang around his neck with his open front shirt and chest wig in the summer

    Good to see you back on the site Mr B, and in fine form as usual

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