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Thread: just for intrest

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    just for intrest

    I saw this & thought i would post it as a refrence. I know a lot of syber info is conflicting , but just for your intrest......

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    just goes to show when the primer is seated its water tight.

    so much for penetrating oils lol

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    Enjoyed reading that. Very interesting. I wonder what WD40 does to the priming compound.

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    Just a comment. Years ago I reloaded some .44-40 for a lever action rifle. Made the mistake of lubing the cases with WD40 for re-sizing and only wiped them off quickly before reloading. Test fired the rounds a week later and had several primer failures, not every one but enough to warrant pulling the lot as unreliable. Only thing done differently was the lubing with WD40, so came to conclusion it had crept into primer pocket and affected the primer.

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