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Thread: ross mclean

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    ross mclean

    as above, can you please pm me asap!!!!!!!!

    cheers charles

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    does any one know him? if so could you please tell him to pm me asap, need to get in touch.

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    I brought a 204 ruger off him, I still owe him some , but I can get in touch with him tried to call him, but cant get him, and I iPhone 5s also got taken that same night, im not sure of him sd name, but he is from around the Edinburgh area, so if any one can get him in contact with me asap that would be much appreciated,

    cheers charles

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    surely youve got his details off the rifle,to send to licensing to update your details,

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    ive sent it all away the next day, didn't think he would be so hard to get hold of, all I have is his mobile number, didn't think I would need his address, I owe him 400 but he hasn't got in touch? and I have a brand new iPhone 5s missing..... not saying it was him but if I was owed 400 I would be wanting to know where it was...?

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    i hope you sort it charles,

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    well its just I don't like oweing money, but I cant get in touch. but I would like to know why he wont get in touch? im sure he would have seen this thread....? and its I owe him.... not him who owes me..... odd?

    he is a engraver if thats helps? and drives a brown coloured vw van

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    theres your answer hes in a volki he wont have got home yet, only joking, try fecesbook,

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