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    Drunk guy staggers out of pub straight into a copper...
    "What do we have here then" says the cop.
    "Ah ! just who am looking for... my cars just been nick'd"
    says the guy.
    "Where was it parked" says the cop.
    Holding out his hand "on the end of this key" says the guy.
    "Well why don't you jump in my car and the lads at the station
    will give you a hand to find it" says the cop.
    "Great Idea says" the guy.
    They proceed to the police car at which point the cop says,
    "Before you get in the car could you pull up your fly Sir".
    Guy looks down to see fly undone at which point he drops
    to his knees cry'n " Oh my god they've took my girlfriend
    as well"...!
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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