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Thread: HELP - 2 Cocker Spaniel Gundogs Stolen in North Bucks

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    HELP - 2 Cocker Spaniel Gundogs Stolen in North Bucks

    Apologies if you have seen this already, but yesterday I received a request to look out for two working cocker spaniels stolen from a keeper in Claydon, North Bucks.

    He had them taken from the kennel by his house on New Year's Eve. Having taken them for a walk, he put them back in the kennel, went inside to make a cup of tea, and when he came out a few minutes later they were gone.

    Both cockers are male and primarily chocolate in colour; Zebedee is 9 and Denzil, his son, is 4.

    Sadly, gundog theft is becoming all too common so this is a timely reminder to please be vigilant with your own dogs.

    Please PM me if you hear anything about them


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    How do these arseh*les sleep at night stealing a car or something from a shed is one thing but a member of the family, because that is how I see my animals, is something totaly inexcusable people who do it and also as importanly those who buy the animal should be given long terms of imprisonment

    My friend had his Rottweiler pup stolen he was a lovely dog, such a decent nature my mate was heartbroken, said it felt like having a child taken.

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    Willie, have they been posted on doglost etc.
    I`ll cross post to the forums i belong to if that`s ok.

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