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Thread: A good book re Scotland

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    A good book re Scotland

    This is worth reading if you are interested in the way things are done re islands and and conservation in Scotland...

    Isles of the North: Ian Mitchell: Books

    I'd love to do this kind of journey, but being a crap sailor as well as a wage slave, the best thing for me is to sit back with a glass of the good stuff and read about it .

    It's quite scary how much control SNH and the RSPB have over land and people, their land designations are like an alphabet soup.They seem to put the people who live there last on the list of things to worry about.They are both power and land hungry as well as very self serving organisations.
    The RSPB comes in for some stick for the colonial way that they seem to run things, in that they favour outsiders as wardens, even in areas where jobs and money is tight.

    I don't think Mr. Mitchell will be on either organisations Christmas card list.
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    Sounds interesting

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    Its on my bedside cabinet...well worth searching out and reading, no doubt very unpopular in certain quarters!

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