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Thread: Anyone use Country Covers Sniper Drag Bag?

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    Anyone use Country Covers Sniper Drag Bag?

    Hi, was looking at getting one of these and just looking for a review or any other suggestions please.

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    If its the same as the Arktis one I purchased within 2 minutes of entering the Game Fair some 7 years ago and at a 'show price' - top bit of kit. Rugged material and strong zips.


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    I have an Aim 60 inch in green...can highly reccomend on build quality and functionality. Plenty of storage and great to carry ruck sack style. Should last me many years of use.. i tend to carry in or strap to any thing i need for a session after charles and then sit on it when im waiting over bait wont be dissapointed if you get one...Hugh
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    Did now use the Aim bag better pockets in my view.

    Just to add have a look at the black hawk bags, very padded but not the full drag bag shoulder straps just a single padded one , a chap in Essex on Canvey Island can get it very good stuff.
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    I have two AIM 50's, one is 4 years old and the other 5. Both still stitch perfect and they have had some good use. I also have an Artkis (3 years old) and I like that too and its wearing just as well.
    Differences, the Artkis padding is nowhere near as good as the AIM's, they will stand up on their own without a rifle in, the Artkis will fall into a heap. The AIM wins in the carrying on your back stakes, it also wins on the construction and quality front, nothing in it as far as storage goes but I still like the Artkis as much for some reason

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    I'll google the Aim just now. Seems to have a fair wee following.

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    Aim for me too. Had it three years and can't find fault with it.


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    Aim Field Sports Great kit!
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    Bought an aim. 50 at the shooting show this year I looked at the ones on the country covers stand they looked good the gye on the stand said that the were a near copy of the aim and that he wasn't going to make one out of respect for aim but then lots of copy's started to spring up some good most cra-p the cc one looked like a good copy but it's just that aim is the original an compared to the ones I've seen it's the best.

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