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Thread: -14 and loving it!

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    -14 and loving it!

    I hate the cold but I hate the wet even more. The snow make things interesting though but difficult. Up and around Sutherland the ground right now is really harsh but culling is easy enough. Getting beasts off the ground is a nightmare and game dealers are finding it hard to pick up. I thought for those of you who only have a couple of inches down south of snow I'd share how wild it is up there.

    I'd like to know how other people are finding their areas right now, cheers!

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    Brilliant pics there is some absolutely breathtaking scenary in this weather

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    Quote Originally Posted by legaleagle69
    Brilliant pics there is some absolutely breathtaking scenary in this weather


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    Im in Sutherland, too and have stopped stalking hinds, even with guests. As far as Im concerned there is a genuine welfare issue with stalking deer in this kind of terrain under these conditions. The flat Sutherland and Caithness hills make for hard ground under these conditions, with very little or no access to shelter or feeding in some areas for deer. As can be seen in the photos the deer are having to expend valuable energy digging/scraping just to find a small morsel to keep them going.

    Of course the situation is different if the deer can get access to trees or lower, clearer ground. Whilst it suits the places that have a lot of deer to 'kill' I'll be leaving mine quiet until they can get some access to decent feeding again.

    Interestingly I have been thinking over the last two or three days that whilst everybody quite readily accepts the ban on shooting wildfowl and waders in the hard weather, people seem quite happy to shoot deer that are having a hard time and probably make things worse by moving deer from what little sanctuary/feeding they may be getting.

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    Paul I think you may have a touch of snow blindness! , lots places down here have many feet of snow

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    I agree with traveller.

    There has to be a point where culling under these harsh conditions are questionable.

    Though if I were to come across a sick deer I would have no hesitation dispatching it.

    I have been doing the opposite, I have provided fresh hay and 4 bags of corn this week to the bit of land I own so as to feed the deer. It has the benefit of retaining them as they find a source of food and also allows you to see what number of deer are traversing your land. The roe and some reds are already feeding off of it.

    These are exceptional conditions for all wildlife and we as guardians of the countryside should show that, although we are active in our culls for "deer Managment" we are also guardians of welfare and this is foremost in whatever culling activities we do.

    My pennies worth. and certainly not a criticism of others. It's just that morally, it's not for me.


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    Hi guys,I'm to just north of inverness on the 18th of jan to help some of the lads there with there cull, well i say were helping them they say were a pain in the arse. But on the subject of hard weather and i'm no expert on managing reds . but surely now is the time to be culling weak and poor beasts as they are less likely to survive the harsh weather.And they should on the lower ground where you can get at them. whats your opinion?
    cheers sean

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    Good points about welfare and I agree that leaving them alone is the right thing to do in these severe conditions but ideally we can also take advantage of the conditions to select the lesser animals that will struggle whatever we do.

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    The snow makes it easier to spot animals that’s for sure plus it will force them to find food and shelter on the lower ground and in woodlands thus concentrating them into smaller areas.
    Ironically the area I cover is newly planted/regenerated woodland which also has a fair amount of mature birch and pine forest throughout .The ground is also low lying…….in other words it’s perfect for deer in this weather.
    Beast have now made their way onto the scheme and we are now busy trying to catch up with them as once in the area they tend to stay put. I now expect we will shoot many more deer this winter as a result of the snow.


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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Paul I think you may have a touch of snow blindness! , lots places down here have many feet of snow
    Us boys down South have certainly got more than a couple of inches ill have you know

    Great photos Paul


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