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Thread: Used sako 75 3 stock

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    Used sako 75 3 stock

    in good order no cuts ,come fitted with ss swivels studs will do any of the 22.250-308 size actions.
    no longer needed .

    grey rubber 100+PP

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    Is this a factory stock, any pics?


    Tikka T3 .223, Browning A-Bolt .270

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    lowest price FACTORY SAKO 75 III STOCK out there 100 +pp
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    So how cheap has it got to be before it rests in the shed of unwanted kit or what have you got to swap !!

    i would like:
    1- the tap and drill bit to make my own mod case hornady gage.

    2- xxl water proof warm fleece in vgc.

    3- used arber press

    4- QR 30mil leupold weaver rings low.

    any of the above as full payment or part will seal the deal

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    Paul, I have the right tap for the Hornady case OAL gauge, you are welcome to borrow it.
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    Thank you boss can I collect any time you are free next week please say the time.atvb

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    Just drop me a text when you want to come, I am usually about.

    You will have to let me have a go with that 6.5x47 in return....

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    deal its here and waiting to be shot for the first time, just waiting for low 30mil rings for the Picatinny rail
    and then its ready for zeroing and ammo testing/ chrono work, feel free to have a crack out of it ,if i can use your 750 yrd range lol

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    My main range is not usable at the moment as the rape is too high, but I am sure I could find you somewhere to have a go.

    I will be doing some load development of my own soon as I am having a new barrel fitted to my stalking rifle next week.

    I have lots of picatinny mounts if you want to borrow a set to get you going.

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