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    Hi Guys, when did swarovski 8.5 x42 els come out, and how good are they?
    Regards Neil

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    not sure when they came out but they are excellent plus the Swarovski warranty is hard t beat

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    Likewise unsure when they came out but personally I would not be without them..................


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    Am guessing but I would say 7 years ish, I too have the 10x42s, opticaly as good as it gets

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummerboy View Post
    Hi Guys, when did swarovski 8.5 x42 els come out, and how good are they?
    Regards Neil
    Got my first set of EL's in 2004 after having my 'Swarovski moment' looking through a set on Century range at Bisley the year before. So at the very least they've been around 11 years.

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    we took some twitchers of on the boat to glass the cliffs ,one had a pr and i commented on her good choice ,and that my rifle scope was olso Swarovski ,one of the others chipped in and remarked ,if he had known Swarovski made rifle scopes he would not have bought his ,and i have regreted not asking what they would have got instead.That was in 2005 so they were about then not just the optics they are nice in the hand and well balanced on there strap.

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    I have them in 8.5x42 and they are awesome

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    I have a pair of el's in 8.5x42 since 2007. They are brilliant!

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    The EL range was launched in 1999.

    I have a pair and have never regretted buying them.

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    My choice is 10x42...8x can be a little underpowered particularly on open hill ground. Swarovski's are hard to better anyway with their after sales service almost unbeatable, so either choice is good. ATB
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