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Thread: T3 or 695 ?

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    T3 or 695 ?

    Advise please. If purchasing second hand would you go for a Tikka T3 or a 695 if the price difference wasn't an issue and why. Given that it would probably a Hunter model and I may want to replace the stock with a synthetic variant would this change your advise.

    Win Mod 70

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    t3 for me every time who knows why you get in one car and it just feels right yet you get in another and think no thanks yet they both have 4 seats and a stearing wheel.i think a synthetic stock for a t3 would be esier to find too.i have had 2 t3 custom builds and 2 t3 left as standard and they all were shooters.

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    The 695 is a much heavier long action rifle with a steel receiver. It is a very good rifle, as is the short action 595.
    If you like wood, get the 695. If you think you might like synthetic, get the T3 and both stocks. Most wood on the T3 is rather plain. These are not show guns. The money in them is where it counts. I doubt you will break a synthetic stock, and you could not repair it if you did. It is injection molded cross linked fiberglass reinforced copolymer polypropylene. It is very rigid, hollow, and light.

    I have a T3 Lite SS in .30-06 and love it. It is not picky, shoots everything well, so phenomenally.
    I really would like 7mm-08 in a T3. It seems to me to be made for something like the 6.5x55 or .270 Winchester, for hiking all day in the hills, or climbing after sheep or goats.

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    Don't dismiss the 695, they are a sound action well made but slightly heavy. The only thing is that they were last made some time ago now so condition is vital. I long regret ever selling mine.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    M595\695 were made to a standard the T3 is made to a price.

    You can get theM595\695 in plastic, as well as the T3. Both shoot well. I think the trigger on the M is a little crisper, but the the T is almost as good.

    Out of the two, I would go with a good M695 but if a T3 comes at a good price then snap it up

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    The M series action is far better than the T3, the down side being replacement stocks and accessories are harder to place than the T3

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    Essentially, it is difficult to make direct comparisons. I have both. The T3 (lite synthetic) is "plasticky" and doesn't somehow manage to generate that elusive pride of ownership. But it shoots amazingly well. The 695 feels more reassuringly as if it has a heritage... and the trigger is much better. Obvious, really. Get both.

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    get an M65, class act in comparison and action is a great base for a future custom building project.

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    695 every time!

    But then I'm the guy who stockpiled wooden furniture for my SLR.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    I have a 685 (precursor to the 695!)
    all metal and very well made
    metal magazine too

    neither will win design awards but there is not the headache finding spares as most of the stuff will fit or can be made to fit the M chassis

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